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ICE FAQ from Wax Depot

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Liquid Polish

Paste Polish

Spray Detailer

Liquid Clay Bar

Ice Liquid Polish

Why won't Ice Liquid dry like regular wax and polish? How do I know when to wipe or buff?
Ice Liquid is not a traditional polish. It contains high levels of polymer shine ingredients, a clarified carnauba wax, and synthetic and natural oils to glide on and off the paint surface without leaving swirl marks or fine wiping marks on high reflective automotive surfaces. It will not dry to a "powder" like regular wax. Ice is ready to remove when uniform wetness from application fades to a semi-wet surface. This takes 5 minutes or longer depending on the finish temperature.

How much Ice Liquid is needed to polish an average size vehicle?
Ice polish is a concentrated polish and only about 2 to 3 ounces is needed to polish an entire car including all the trim. This is about half the amount of ordinary wax that's required for waxing.

Should I wipe and buff hard to get a better shine?
No, just the opposite. Actually, lighter pressure and slower wiping will leave more even protective and shining ingredients behind. A deeper richer shine will also result from light slow wiping. The best way to remove excess polish is to fold and quarter the micro fiber cloth. Use only one side of the quartered cloth to remove excess polish. Turn the cloth over and continue to wipe to a high gloss even shine.

What happens if I get Ice on the glass?
Ice Liquid is not recommended for use on Windshields as it will cause wiper blades to smear and could impair vision while driving. However Ice Detailer Spray can be used on all washable and cleanable surfaces including other than windshield glass, tail light lenses, and headlight lenses.

I have a light colored car if the polish is clear how will I know where it is or where to wipe?
Ice Liquid Polish is very easy to apply and will leave a paint finish looking wet during application. Just wait 5 to 10 minutes before wiping with a micro fiber cloth if you can't see the polish well after application. Make sure to wipe each section thoroughly and finish with a light wipe with the micro fiber cloth as per instructions.

How long will Ice Polish last?
Ice polish will cause water to bead on an automotive finish like a fine wax or polish. Ice will bead water and shine for at least 3 to 4 months under normal weathering conditions. However Ice is easy to use and works so well on all exterior surfaces including plastic, chrome, and rubber you may find yourself applying the product more often to maintain a high reflective shine.

When should I re-apply Ice liquid?
Re-apply Ice when the finish starts to lose water repellency. Do not wait for the finish to become dull. Apply Ice at least 4 times a year to keep the finish protected. Ice can be applied frequently if desired.

Will multiple coats of Ice Polish build up a finish?
Ice Polish is self cleaning, will dissolve old wax and polish, and deposit a new protective matrix with each application.

What if my car is dull, has lots of haze and micro scratches, will Ice restore the Shine?
No. Ice is not a restorative polish. It is a polish designed to enhance and maintain the reflective properties of a new or like new looking finishes, exterior plastic and rubber trim.

Why can't the micro fiber cloth be laundered in a wash machine?
Micro fiber performance will diminish if washed with cotton materials. Micro fiber cloths are very durable and can be used over and over. Always wash the micro fiber cloth by hand with a little dish washing liquid in water or with car wash. Rinse and line dry.

I used too much product on my car and the Ice Polish is streaking badly and the streaks won't go away even after wiping with the micro fiber towel, what do I do now?
Dampen a soft terry towel with water and re-wipe the streaky areas. Finish wiping to even the shine with a dry terry towel. Another option is to purchase additional micro fiber cloths at a local auto store to finish the job. Save the extra micro fibers for the next time the polish is applied.

Can I use an orbital buffer to buff Ice Polish?
Yes, an orbital buffer can be used to remove excess polish. Finish with a final wipe of the micro-fiber cloth to produce uniform gloss and shine.

Can I use Terry towels instead of the micro-fiber cloth that is included with the Ice?
Yes, Cotton cloths can be used to remove excess polish. Polishing only with terry cloths could leave the finish looking streaky with light and dark patches. Always finish polishing with the micro -fiber cloth.

Is Ice Polish compatible with other waxes?
Yes, Ice Liquid polish can be used if a previous wax has been applied. If the car has been recently waxed, wait a week and re-wash the vehicle before applying Ice.

My vehicles finish has a lot of plastic and rubber trim, do I need to do anything special in applying Ice to these surfaces?
No, apply a thin coat of Ice to all surfaces paint, rubber, plastic and seams uniformly. Apply Ice even on plastic decals and on car emblems. Lightly wipe all surfaces with one side of the micro- fiber cloth to remove excess polish, and turn cloth over and re-wipe to a high gloss crystal clear reflective shine.

Does Ice Liquid work on Chrome or other metal?
Ice Liquid polish will clean shine and protect highly polished metals and produce a mirror like shine. Ice will produce a crisp clear reflection on highly polished chrome, aluminum, stainless steel brass or copper. It does not, however, contain abrasives and will not remove oxidation or corrosion on metal.

Ice Paste Polish

Why isn't Ice Paste Polish clear like Ice Liquid Polish?
Ice paste polish is a concentrated blend of synthetic polymers, synthetic waxes, high active water resistant polymers, U.V. inhibitors and other protective ingredients in a solid form that is not transparent in the container. The product liquefies and becomes translucent on the applicator and delivers thin clear protective film to the car finish. The resulting shine is crystal clear.

Which Ice product is better to use - liquid or paste?
Ice Liquid is extremely easy to use and leaves a high shine on all exterior automotive surfaces. It can be applied very quickly and wipes easily to make a car look like new. This is a great choice for new cars, motorcycles, or custom cars that are detailed frequently and have a lot of hard to polish areas.

Ice Paste Polish has more durability ingredients than Ice liquid. Ice paste polish contains high concentrations of water resistant polymers that are extremely long lasting wash after wash. It has the best durability of any wax or polish formulated by Turtle Wax scientists. Ice Paste Polish is recommended as the foundation coating for protecting exterior surfaces.

Do I always need to remove Ice Paste Polish with a micro fiber cloth?
Yes, Ice Paste Polish is best removed with a micro fiber cloth. Micro fiber cloths will level the polish and insure a uniform coating is left on the vehicles exterior surfaces.

Can Ice Paste Polish be applied to all paint, plastic, rubber, chrome, metal, and exterior surfaces without the concern of powdery residue?
Ice Paste Polish possess all of the same beneficial properties of Ice liquid. It is designed for use on all exterior non-porous surfaces. Ice Paste melts or liquefies as the paste surface is rubbed by the applicator and is transferred to the auto exterior. Ice paste will require 3 to 5 minutes to bond. Ice Paste will become slightly hazy when its time to remove excess polish. Excess polish will need to be removed with the micro fiber polishing towel. It will not leave a residue on plastic and rubber surfaces.

Will Ice Paste Polish leave white residue in cracks and crevices?
No. Ice paste does not contain white pigments or polishing agents that will eventually dry white.

How much Ice Paste will be required to shine and protect an average sized car?
Only 1-2 ounces are needed for an entire car. A thin coating is all that is needed to protect automotive exterior surfaces. One container will polish 4 to 6 cars.

Does Ice Paste Polish remove oxidation, scratches and swirl marks?
No. If the vehicles finish requires deep cleaning , use Ice Liquid Clay Bar first to prepare the finish for wax or polish. Ice Liquid Clay Bar will remove swirl marks, stains and old wax or polish. Use Ice paste Polish afterward to provide the finish to shine and protect the finish.

How long does Ice Paste Polish last?
Ice paste polish beads even after 60 consecutive wash cycles, more than 3 times longer than the leading paste car wax.

How often should I apply Ice Paste Polish?
Regular waxing or polishing is recommended at least 3 to 4 times a year. Regular car care will assure the car finish is properly protected year round.

Will multiple Coats of Ice Paste build up on the paint and trim?
If you are an avid auto enthusiast that loves to polish or wax often, Ice Paste Polish can be applied anytime. Ice Paste Polish is self leveling and will not build up. In fact we recommend the use Ice Detail Spray, or Ice Liquid in conjunction with Ice Paste to maximize shine and protection. Always apply Ice Paste Polish first.

Can I apply Ice Paste Polish in direct sun or in shade?
Yes, Ice Paste Polish can be applied in all temperatures. The synthetic formulation will bond properly at all temperatures.

Can I use a orbital buffer to remove Ice Paste Polish?
Yes, an orbital buffer can be used to remove excess polish. Always finish by lightly wiping the finish with a micro fiber cloth.

Can I use Ice Paste Polish on convertible top?
No, Ice Paste should not be used on a convertible top that looks or feels like cloth material. Most modern convertible tops consist of woven polyester materials and Ice is not recommended for use on cloth like materials.

Can I use Ice Paste Polish on glass?
Ice paste should never be used on a vehicle's windshield. It will cause wipers to smear and could impair the driver's vision in a rainstorm. However, Ice paste can be used on all other glass surfaces where dirt and water repellency is beneficial.

Can Ice Paste Polish be used on fiberglass boats?
Yes. Ice Paste can be used on all marine surfaces including all chrome and aluminum metal trim. Ice Paste polish is very water resistant and will help prevent heavy water stains from accumulating on the hull. Ice keeps a fiberglass hull cleaner longer.

Can Ice Paste Polish be used on motorcycles?
Yes. Ice paste can be used on all of the metal, plastic and painted surfaces. If the motorcycle has a lot of intricate areas, Ice Liquid Polish is easier to apply and use.

Ice Spray Detailer

What is Ice Detail Spray used for?
Ice Detail Spray is ultra pure water based formulation that is sprayed on all washable exterior vehicle surfaces to remove light dust and dirt, boost shine and boost protection to any nonporous exterior surface... Ice Detail Spray cleans exteriors and eliminates the need to re-wash a lightly soiled vehicle.

Does Ice Detailer need only to be used in conjunction with Ice Polish?
No. Ice Detailing Spray can be used in conjunction with other wax and polishes as well as alone for a quick clean up.

How often can I apply Ice Detail Spray?
Ice Detail Spray can be applied anytime and as often as needed to remove finger prints, smears, light dust and boost shine.

Does Ice Detail Spray leave a slick shine?
If no other wax or polish has been applied Ice Detail Spray will need to be applied twice to leave a slick shine. Ice Detail Spray will boost slickness and shine on any previously applied wax or polish. Ice Detail Spray is intended to be used for a quick clean and shine.

How much Ice Detail Spray is needed to be applied to an average car?
About 4 to 5 ounces is needed. Make sure to mist Ice Detail Spray on all areas to be cleaned and dry immediately with a soft towel or micro fiber cloth.

Do I need to wipe the Detailer with a micro-fiber cloth?
No. Ice Detailer Spray can be used with any soft absorbent cloth.

Are there any areas where Ice Detailer Spray is not recommended for Use?
Ice detailer Spray can be used on all metals, glass, plastic, rubber and painted non porous surfaces where a quick clean and shine is desirable.

Ice Liquid Clay bar

What is a Clay Bar?
A clay bar is a synthetic clay compound that contains powerful abrasives that slice through surface contaminants bonded to a car finish. The clay bar is flattened to a pancake shape and gently rubbed on to a finish sprayed or treated with a special lubricant. The clay material slides across the automotive finish like a snow plow blade removing paint over spray or other bonded contaminants on the paint surface. The automotive finish is left smooth. Most retail clay bars will not remove swirl marks light finish scratches or finish stains.

What is Ice Liquid Clay Bar used for?
Ice Liquid Clay Bar is similar to a clay bar's function, removes surface contaminants. It is also is a finish restorer. It is a unique way to wash the exterior of a vehicle, remove finish stains, and very light surface finish scratches all in one easy to use product. Ice Liquid Clay Bar replaces, car wash, bug and tar remover, scratch and swirl remover, and other clay bar products used to prepare a finish for wax.

Why does the product contain three layers?
Ice Liquid Clay Bar is a unique combination of three separate car care formulations.
-The top layer removes stubborn road film, tar, bugs and light surface oxidation.
-The middle layer is an ultra rich wash and finish cleaning solution that removes greasy soils and surrounds surface dirt to safely removes it.
-The bottom layer contains stain removers and precision polishing agents to remove swirl marks, tough stains, heavy oxidation, and will leave the automotive paint smooth, shiny, and clean, ready for Ice Polish.

Can I use Ice Liquid Clay Bar all the time to keep my car clean?
No. Ice Liquid Clay Bar should only be used when a vehicle's finish needs deep cleaning and prior to waxing.

Can I use Ice Liquid Clay Bar for spot cleaning?
Yes, Ice Liquid Clay Bar can be used for spot cleaning (removing tar from rear panels, bird droppings, light scratches, etc.). Follow with a water rinse and re-polish / wax the area.

I used the product and the finish looks streaky, How do you remove the streaks?
Re-clean the exterior one section at a time with Ice Liquid Clay Bar and thoroughly rinse and dry the section before moving to a new area.

I let the Ice Liquid Clay Bar solution dry on the paint, can I wipe it off?
Always re-wet with water, rub with the applicator, and rinse the area before drying.

Can I use Ice Liquid Clay Bar in direct sun?
No. Ice Liquid Clay Bar works best on a cool surface. If the finish is warm or sunlight can not be avoided, rinse the surface with water, clean one section at a time. Start with the hood, roof, and trunk areas first.

How often should I use Ice Liquid Clay Bar?
We recommend using Ice Liquid Clay Bar 3 to 4 times a year in conjunction with waxing and polishing at least 3 to 4 times a year.

How do I clean the custom sponge applicator?
Simply rinse the sponge applicator in clean water and squeeze out excess water a few times, let it air dry. If extremely dirty ash with dish washing liquid first.

How many cars will the Ice Liquid Clay Bar clean?
Ice Liquid Clay Bar will clean about 3 or 4 average size vehicles.

Can Ice Liquid Clay Bar be used on the exterior trim?
Ice Liquid Clay Bar can be used on all chrome, aluminum, brass, copper and metal trim, plastic, and rubber trim, making sure that all trim is wet before applying. When using the is product on trim, the area must be pre-wetted and rinsed thoroughly. Never let Ice Liquid Clay Bar dry on the surface being cleaned. Do not use Ice liquid Clay Bar on canvas or convertible tops.

Can Ice Liquid Clay Bar be used on glass or plastic windows?
Yes. Ice Liquid Clay Bar will remove the toughest grime from glass and plastic and will rinse clean. It will help clarify foggy or dull plastic windows and headlamp covers.

Can Ice Liquid Clay Bar be used on boats, campers or around the home?
Ice Liquid Clay Bar will clean fiberglass boat hulls, aluminum sided campers, resin patio furniture, dull shower stalls or any nonporous, smooth, washable surface. Use Ice Liquid Clay Bar anywhere ample rinse water can be used.