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The Wax Shop™VIP Professional Appearance Products Let’s take it from the top.

Professional detail results require regular care and the right products.

The Wax Shop Product line has been discontinued and been replaced with The VIP Product Line which has the same great features and quality.

Washing your car the right way.
First off, your car should be washed at least once a week to prevent any dirt buildup and paint damage.
Be sure your car surface is cool. You don’t want to shock a paint finish that ’s been in the sun all day with a
sudden burst of cold water. Give your car a thorough soaking with the garden hose to rinse off loose abrasive dirt.
Start at the bottom to loosen heavy road deposits and work your way up. Don’t try to blast off dirt deposits, let the water gently loosen and flush them away. The more surface dirt running water removes, the less chance of creating swirl marks in the clear coat or the paint. Plus, a slow stream of water instead of a high pressure spray will reduce water spots and your drying time.

Your car is not a frying pan.
Dish detergents are formulated to strip grease and grime from pots and pans – what do you think it does to the protective wax surface of your car?

Use a specially formulated pH balanced car wash product. Start sudsing from the top and work your way down.
Don’t hurry. Let the detergent/foam lubricate and loosen the dirt deposits that water by itself couldn’t.

Bug off.
Specially formulated bug and tar remover is a great product for removing these buggers. Most auto chains sell special applicators but a damp cloth or sponge will work well, too. Follow package directions when applying, then suds the area down to remove the residue.
Most bug + tar products do strip wax so you may want to touchup those areas with VIP Liquid Wax or VIP Spray Detailer .

Wheels are a touchy subjects.
Brake dust is next to impossible to remove without a specialty wheel-cleaning product like VIP Wheel & Tire Cleaner . But with aluminum, steel mag, plastic and composite wheels, you have to be careful which wheel cleaner you use. Some contain acids, which can etch and ruin your wheels. It’s best to look for one labeled “Safe For All Wheels.” That takes the guesswork and worry away. Again, be sure the wheels are cool to the touch. Never apply water or cleaner to warm or hot wheels. Follow package directions, use a soft bristled brush to help agitate the wheel cleaner to help make quick work of thick brake dust deposits. Then rise thoroughly, towel dry and look at those suckers shine. Regular wheel cleaning is necessary to prevent brake dust build-up. Brake dust build-up can be extremely difficult to remove even with strong wheel cleaners! You should clean your wheels at least every 2 weeks to keep them looking their best.

Bath towels are good, a chamois is better.
To dry your car off, nothing works better than a synthetic chamois cloth. Leather chamois can pull oils from the paint and even take the wax off.

Which wax?
Boy do you have choices. However, if you want to do a real professional number on your car’s paint finish, you might opt for a specialty wax formula.

If you have a little oxidation buildup and have collected a few minor scratches, we’d recommend The VIP Cleaner Wax, an outstanding one-step cleaning/polishing option.

The VIP Swirl Away swirl mark and haze remover is slightly more aggressive in removing surface imperfections but is still safe. VIP Swirl Away can be used as a prewax cleaner to smooth and remove the rough feel of environmental damage or restore a new look to neglected paint. It can be applied directly to light scratches to remove or reduce the look of the blemish. For deeper scratches, apply VIP Swirl Away onto a cotton cloth. With firm finger pressure, rub vigorously until the scratch becomes visibly improved. Follow up with a coat of VIP Liquid Wax.

If your car’s finish is pretty much scratch and oxidation-free, your best option is pure carnauba wax, like VIP Liquid Wax carnauba blend. VIP Liquid Wax is formulated for use on well maintained paint for a showroom looking finish. High carnauba content accents the optical properties of modern clear coat finishes. VIP Liquid Wax applies easily and wipes to a beautiful deep shine. Carnauba wax provides a traditional smooth feel and protection desired by many auto enthusiasts.

VIP Liquid Wax and VIP Cleaner Wax are easy to apply and, when they dry, the resultant haze is easy to remove. Both products feed the paint essential oils and nutrients the environment dries out of a paint finish. VIP Cleaner Wax also has micro fine abrasives to smooth your paint out and remove swirl marks and small scratches.

Use a wax applicator or a clean microfiber towel, turning frequently as your wax. Apply to small sections of your car at a time, using a small tight, circular motion. That reduces the chance of swirl marks. When the wax forms a haze, (10 minutes for VIP Liquid Wax) gently wipe the residue away and move onto an adjacent area.

In-between waxings.
Dust happens. So do birds. And tree sap. And rain. IN between waxings, we recommend keeping some bug and tar remover handy as well as VIP Spray Detailer . VIP Spray Detailer removes minor water spots, revitalizing your carnauba wax to it’s fullest shine, also giving your car’s paint finish a quick boost of protection. VIP Spray Detailer can be used any time between regular waxings.

Leather, vinyl and rubber.
The manufacturers are using more and more of it. That’s why it’s more important than ever to use a spray protection/conditioner for these surfaces. VIP Rubber & Vinyl Conditioner will help keep the surfaces clean and shiny, help preserve their original glossy appearance and, particularly in the case of dashboards, rubber molding and tires, protect against UV radiation damage, drying, fading and cracking.
The Wax Shop Detailing FAQ

The Wax Shop Detailing FAQ from Wax Depot

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