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WAX DEPOT » Microfiber Professional Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Professional Cleaning Cloth Quantity in Basket: None
Code: MC1
Price: $2.40
Professional cleaning cloth 16"x16". Works like a magnet to attract and hold dust. Great for dusting, windows and polishing. Cleans without chemicals. Great for Auto, Marine, Motorcycles & Home use.

* Assorted Colors (No Choice in Color Blue, Yellow, White).

Microfiber - What's the big deal?
Microfiber is a man-made product that combines two basic fibers, Polyester and Polyamide (a nylon by-product). These fibers are then “split” and formed into a woven fabric of, usually, 80% Polyester (the scrubbing and cleaning fiber), and 20% Polyamide (the absorbing and quick drying fiber). Soft like silk, yet bull-dog tough, microfiber cloth attracts dust, grime, oily films and salt residues like a magnet. The unique surface structure of microfiber cloth contains 90,000 micro fiber “hooks” per square inch! These micro-hooks grab, lift, and hold dust and grime without the need for cleaning solutions. Microfiber cloth can be used damp or dry. Used dry, microfiber cloth works like a chamois. The super absorbent weave holds up to seven times its weight in fluids. Microfiber cloth will not scratch paint, glass, acrylics or plastic window tint films.

Yes,there can be a vast difference between microfiber cloths. Differences occur in five areas:
1. The ratio of the blend. While 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide is typical, a 70/30 blend that contains more Polyamide fibers can be more expensive.
2. The density of the fibers per square inch. At 90,000 fibers per square inch, our microfiber cloths contain the maximum density achievable with today’s technology. This density translates into greater cleaning power. A cloth with 50,000 fibers per square inch can cost less but will not clean as well.
3. The thickness or “plushness” of the towel. The thicker the towel the more it will grab, lift and hold grime and residues.
4. The finish on the cloth. Depending on the specific task the cloth is designed to perform, the fiber ends can be tightly “hooked” (better for grabbing and holding grime and residues), feathered (best for general glass cleaning), or finely polished, like suede (best for cleaning eye glasses and optical glass).
5. Quality of construction. Like anything else, it costs more to make a quality microfiber cloth. In general, microfiber cloths coming out of China and Taiwan are inferior to cloths made in Japan, Korea and Europe.
Microfiber cloths can cost under $2.00 to over $20.00 depending on the blend, density, thickness, finish and quality of construction.

Simply wet the cloth with clean water and wring as dry as possible. If the cloth is too wet it will leave streaks. Wipe the cloth over any glass or plastic surface and walk away. Remaining swirl lines and water beads will disappear in seconds! Cleaning solutions are usually not required! Use a dry cloth for dusting, touch-ups or removing oily films. On especially difficult inside windshield films, try using your favorite glass cleaner and wiping the glass with a dry microfiber cloth. Use a dry cloth ot remove polish and wax residues, as a final wipe towel after detailing, or with any spray-and-wipe, quick detail spray. REMEMBER: WET - WRING - WIPE! PROPER CARE: If the towel becomes too dirty, it will begin to "streak". It is then time to wash the towel. This is easily done by just throwing the cloth into any washing machine and washing with any soap or detergent. The only restriction is to NEVER USE any type of FABRIC SOFTENER. The towel will treat the fabric softener as if it was dirt. It will try to store the tiny particles of the softener in the towel fibers. This will clog up the microfibers and render the towel ineffective.
You may also dry microfiber cloths in any dryer, just be sure that the dryer does not dry at temperatures above 235 degrees F., as microfiber will melt if heated too high.

Code: MC1
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